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AKG C3000 - Pre "B" version (1) Edirol UM-880 USB 8x8 Interface Kurzweil PC-88 MX Controller Tracking Workstation
AKC C112 (2) Kurzweil PC-88 MX Controller 1968 Hammond C-3 Custom ASUS based WinXP Pro
  Vintage Kurzweil K1200 Pro II Late 1950's Leslie 122 Cakewalk/Sonar 8 Producer Edition
Studio Projects C1 (2) Vintage Kurzweil K1200 Pro I Mid 1960's Leslie 122 RV Twin Aardvark Q10 Interfaces
  Vintage Kurzweil 1000-GX Aeolean Console Acoustic Piano

- 16 Simultaneous tracks

Russian Oktava MK-012 (4) Vintage Roland SC-50 Fender Rhodes Mk I  
Russian Oktava MK-219 (2) Roland/Boss DR-670 Drum Machine Fender Rhodes Mk II Sampling Workstation
Russian Oktava MK-319 (2)   Vintage Kurzweil K-1000 Custom ASUS based WinXP Pro
      Creative Labs AWE Audio Interface
TapeOp/PPA/Nady Ribbon (2)      
Audix F-12 Kick (1)
Audix F-10 Drum (3)      
  Aardvark Q-10 24x96x10ch (2) Tracking Bellari RP-220 2 Channel Tube Pre
Shure SM-57 (1)   OZ Audio Q-Mix HM-6 Distribution Alesis 3630 Compressor (2)
Shure SM-58 (1) AKG K270 Headphones (2) Alesis CLX-440 Quad Compressor
Shure PG-58 (1) AKG HP40 Headphones (4) M Audio AudioBuddy 2 Channel Pre
Audio-Technica M41a (1) Roland KC-500 Keyboard Amp Mix/Playback
  Line 6 Spider 212 Modeling Amp Mackie 1402-VLZ Mixer
MXL 990 (2)   Alesis RA-100 Amplifier  
MXL 991 (2) Alesis Monitor One Reference Lexicon MPX-200
    TC Electronic M-One
  Confidence Alesis Wedge
ProCo DeuceTone Rat Vintage Sony TA-1150 Solid State Vintage Roland SE-55
  Arion MTE-1 Tubulator Samsung C631P CD/DVD Carousel  
    Tascam 202 Mk III Cassette System  
    Bose Bookshelf Speakers