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Why Ten West?  

If it seems that anyone can record anything these days, you are right! When the original Tascam Portastudio hit the scene, it started the revolution in recording that fundamentally changed the business of recording music. Does that make everyone an engineer or does that just give the average person access to cheap technology. The answer seems to be BOTH and that is great. Whether you are using a computer for sketching songs or for multi-track production work, the technology has become highly accessible to anyone with a few bucks. We know, we started with a single interface as well.

Today Ten West fits into the project studio category. That puts us above the home-recording studio and below the multi-million dollar studios that major labels have. The studio has grown in spurts over the decade and it is in its third incarnation. We feel that this setup will serve well for the next several years as the business grows.

When you work with us, the main goal is to turn your musical idea into a reality.

What is recording anyway? Is certainly isn't a ©TIVO type process! The easiest part is hitting the big RECORD button. Ten West understands both the musical and technical aspects of the entire process and has ample experience doing it! We have a huge selection of quality equipment that covers a lot of ground and the engineering that makes it all work.

Have a look and see for yourself why Ten West is a good choice.